One of the three cranes, which are undergoing an upgrading phase, has returned to operations this morning at Trieste’s Molo VII dock.

During the last weeks representatives of the Japanese company Yakushima Denko Co. Ltd. and of their freight forwarder, Yusen Logistics Hungary, visited Trieste Marine Terminal from where part of their cargo to Hungary is presently routed.

Few days ago a delegation of Msc Prague visited the container terminal of the Port of Trieste in occasion of the launch of the new direct rail service to Dunajská Streda.

More than 150 operators and experts attended the presentation of the Port of Trieste held in Munich on September 14th. Parallel to the conference a technical meeting between authorities and operators has been arranged to discuss about a customs corridor between the Port of Trieste and Bavaria.

Trieste Marine Terminal container volumes in August 2016 record a +7.26% compared to the same period in 2015. TMT keeps growing also on the full container volumes and cargo moved by rail.

With effect from September 6th 2016 a new direct rail service will connect the Port of Trieste to the Slovakian Terminal of Dunajská Streda. This will be the first and unique connection between  the Italian Port and the Eastern Country.

At the end of september the Orient Overseas Container Line will extend their Mediterranean network to the Adriatic region, calling the Port of Trieste among others.

The total volumes moved by the Port of Trieste in the first half of 2016 show an increase of 4.71% compared to 2015, with 29.436.777 Tons cargo throughput. Port of Trieste: + 4,7 % in the first semester of 2016The strong growth of the cargo moved via rail has been confirmed as well, showing 3.334 trains during the last 6 months (+17,64% compared to 2015).

The Port of Trieste has set a new record for single ship cargo displacement from Molo VII, operated by TMT. The high traffic concentration of the last few days at Trieste’s marine terminal has revealed an excellent performance of its main operating structures.The record for single ship cargo displacement is now updated to 4000 containers (the previous was set at 2600) thanks to a high workflow peak that also created the need to operate new trains for several destinations.

Uncertain market situation and changing scenarios in the Shipping Lines Alliances did not affect Trieste Marine Terminal’s total volumes handled during the first semester 2016. The January-June period closed with a +5,9 % in Teu and +10,1% in containers compared to the same period of 2015.