Our Company

Trieste Marine Terminal is member of T.O. Delta Group, one of the most important logistics and transport operator in the Italian market, with worldwide investments in marine and intermodal terminals, shipping and trucking companies and international freight forwarding companies. Since 2004, T.O. Delta is the shareholder of Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT), the container terminal of the Port of Trieste.

In the Northern Adriatic area, T.O. Delta also controls the “Compagnia Portuale”, which handles the 90% of the volumes of the Port of Monfalcone. The terminal is highly specialized in handling dry bulk cargo, timber, steel products and other kind of non-containerized cargo. The direct control of the two terminals, together with other investments in the transport and logistics field, such as trucking companies and a maritime feeders company, create a North Adriatic Logistics System able to cater to the different needs of importers and exporter.


Our Recent History

  • In 2004 T.O. Delta Group started managing Molo VII with the establishment of Trieste Marine Terminal and the planning of  medium/long term investments. The aim of the Group was clearly to bring the terminal back to an efficient and effective productivity level.
    The terminal layout was completely re-designed, strong investments in equipment were made, such as the installation of new quay cranes and the full re-engineering of the yard equipment, with reach stackers and RMG as replacement for straddle carriers.
  • In 2005 direct personnel has been hired to share the management’s vision and philosophy as well as to properly answer to the market challenges. Today Trieste Marine Terminal can rely on more than 240 direct employees (against 3 direct employees at the beginning of 2004). In the following years as a part of the investment plan, the project for the new rail terminal inside TMT took shape. Today the rail terminal is fully operational and consists of 5 rail tracks 600 meters each and 3 RMG dedicated cranes.
  • In 2014 a modernizing plan for the quay cranes began. The upgrading of two cranes was completed in 2015, while other two were completed under revamping operations during 2016. 
  • In 2018 the revamping of the 7 RMG cranes of the yard began, and will be fully completed within December 2018. At the same time, the works for the opening of the second rail gateway started in March.
Moreover, a new project to further enlarge the terminal capacity has been carried out by the Group and already approved by the local authorities. A 100x400 mt extension of the docks is planned. The extension will allow Trieste Marine Terminal to increase its present capacity up to 1.2 million teus/year. 

Our targets and strategies

Trieste Marine Terminal’s target is to strengthen its position as the natural gateway for traffic to/from Central and Eastern Europe. The unique geographic position of Trieste allows Shipping Lines and importers/exporters to potentially save time and costs using Trieste Marine Terminal facilities and services.

Our daily job is to make this potential advantage real. The systematic implementation of the corporate strategy, the ongoing investments aimed at modernizing terminal equipment, the trained and high skilled personnel, the maintenance of high quality standard operations and the development of intermodal connections are the keys we choose to reach our target.

Shipping Lines, operators and customers are regularly informed about TMT activities, developments and opportunities thanks to a systematic commercial and marketing action.
Our corporate philosophy aims at being recognized as an International Company, centered on the global market trends, always strongly focused on the single customer’s specific need: a professional relationship which is, first of all, a personal cooperation to share common targets always looking for  tailor made solutions.