Trieste Marine Terminal works on a modern infrastructure with reliable quay, yard and rail equipment to grant effective and efficient terminal operations. The present yard capacity of more than 900,000 teu on 400,000 sqm allows the terminal to keep growing without any risk of congestion or bottleneck.

Systematic investments on our equipment are carried out in order to guarantee the best and safest performances on both ship, yard and rail operations.

770 meters of operational quay with 18 meters natural draft alongside, equipped with 7 Post Panamax cranes allow Trieste Marine Terminal to serve the most modern oceanic vessels in an efficient way. Moreover, Trieste has one of the safest port approaches in the Mediterranean, without locks, bridges or tidal restrictions (we have more than 1.5 km ray of vessel turning area).

Trieste Marine Terminal is equipped with an internal Rail Park that guarantees trains loading and discharging during the vessels operations.

The Rail Park consists of 5 rail tracks 600 meters each, served with 3 rail mounted stacking cranes able to operate up to 5 trains at the same time, thus further improving the efficiency of the terminal rail connections. Trieste Marine Terminal has a capacity of 7,000 trains per year, thus considerably increasing the present rail capacity and granting a further strong growth of the rail traffic volumes.

trieste marine terminal