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Efficiency and flexibility in operations, a wide range of intermodal connections and cost competitive terminal services are just some of the needs that a terminal operator must guarantee to Shipping Lines and Logistics Providers. This is what Trieste Marine Terminal provides to its customers.
Through our website you will have an overview of what we did and what we keep on doing at Trieste Marine Terminal. Our mission was and remains to be the most natural gateway for both the Northern Italy and Central/Eastern Europe traffics.

Trieste Marine Terminal is member of T.O. Delta Group, one of the most important logistics and transport operator in the Italian market, with worldwide investments in marine and intermodal terminals, shipping and trucking companies and international freight forwarding companies. Since 2004, T.O. Delta is the shareholder of Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT), the container terminal of the Port of Trieste.

trieste marine terminal

Trieste Marine Terminal is located in Northern Italy on the Adriatic Sea and represents the most natural and closest gateway for the whole Central and Eastern European markets.

A quick comparison with the Northern European Ports is enough to point out the savings in time and costs guaranteed by the connections via Trieste:

trieste marine terminal

The Free Port of Trieste was established by the Austrian Emperor Carlo VI in 1719 and strongly developed by his daughter Maria Teresa who considered Trieste as the only Port of the Austrian Empire.
The 1947 Paris Peace Treaty and the Memorandum of London in 1954 maintained the Free Port of Trieste’s legal and fiscal regime, thus giving it an extra-territorial status. Since that time, customers can benefit from special conditions for both import, export and transit operations, customs procedures and fiscal regime.

trieste marine terminal

Trieste Marine Terminal started managing the container terminal of the Port of Trieste in 2004. Volumes left from the previous managing company were 118,000 teus at the end of 2003.
Thanks to the huge investments carried out together with notable efforts and new procedures, Trieste Marine Terminal has become a modern reliable Container Terminal able to bring back Shipping Lines’ confidence.