Rail Connections

Intermodal connections are one of the key elements in the terminal strategic vision. For this reason, TMT keeps investing in order to improve both the intermodal and maritime services’ availability (short sea) which are considered a natural extension of the terminal services.

Today the rail park inside the container terminal has 5 rail tracks 600 meters each, served with 3 rail mounted stacking cranes fully dedicated to train operations. This modern infrastructure  allows us to further improve the efficiency of the terminal rail connections. Thanks to the new rail park, Trieste Marine Terminal is in the position to internally operate over 7.000 trains per year, thus dramatically increasing the rail capacity and granting a further strong rail traffic volumes growth.

The wide range of locations served allows Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders and operators to safely and quickly connect Trieste with the heart of Europe, also thanks to the network of Trieste Marine Terminal and TODelta Group’s offices located in Italy and Central/Eastern European Countries.

Simple and clear transit procedures allow the importers and exporters to receive or deliver the goods via Trieste in the quickest and most economical way also under the customs point of view.

Rail origins and destinations to/from Trieste

To get an intermodal rate (rail/rail+truck), please contact:


tel: +39 040 6702 ext. 270 / 296 / 298 / 200