Maritime Services

  • Weekly direct services to/from Far East;
  • A wide range of direct connections to/from the Mediterranean area and with the main Mediterranean Hubs for all the other locations worldwide;
  • Specialized carriers connecting our Region with the Middle East, India, Pakistan and East Africa;

This is what Trieste can offer to the market thanks to over 700 vessels calling Trieste Marine Terminal.

…and we keep working to bring new carriers and new services for the market benefit…

Direct services TT

Services routings

With the aim to widen the scope of Adriatic areas which can benefit from the oceanic direct service connections via Trieste, the Terminal provides a feeder service network connecting Trieste with the ports of Venice, Ravenna, Ancona and other ports on inducement.

The main Shipping Lines calling Trieste with the Oceanic mother vessels already take advantage from the feeder service to widen their commercial action in the market.

Arrivals and Departures