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Break Bulk cargo is professionally managed at Trieste Marine Terminal. Our cranes can handle up to 100 tons (all in) under hook, allowing direct or indirect loading and discharging of yachts, engines, cases, pipes, locomotives and many other different kinds of commodities. The handling of over 100 tons weight cargo can be evaluated and carried out based on request.

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The “General Tariff” rules the economic conditions for all main terminal services available at TMT for all users.

Separate individual contracts are agreed with the Shipping Lines. 

trieste marine terminal

Trieste Marine Terminal provides all the main services of a modern Container terminal. Trieste Marine Terminal’s direct employees personally manage all core activities; only the ancillary operations are left to outsourced personnel and are, in any case, under TMT’s employees coordination.

IMDG containers acceptance
D.G. cargo can be handled in a wide area dedicated to loading/discharging operations. The handling of class 1, class 6.2 and class 7 is not allowed. Furthermore, fumigation and ventilation can be carried out in a dedicated zone.

trieste marine terminal

With 2,500 sqm of covered warehouses, 20,000 sqm of open area and dedicated personnel, Trieste Marine Terminal features a Container Freight Station directly located on the terminal’s premises.

With our CFS, Trieste Marine Terminal is in the position to provide a wide range of cargo handling services, both to containerized goods and break bulk. Stuffing/ unstuffing, lashing and unlashing (also for break bulk), consolidation, securing, quality control of goods, warehousing, are professionally carried out with long lasting experience.


trieste marine terminal

Today, Trieste Marine Terminal can rely on more than 320 direct highly skilled employees, properly selected and specifically trained to manage all the specific roles that terminal operations/administration may require.
4 operational shifts 6 hours each guarantee high efficiency standards and a 24h a day - 7 days a week coverage both on ship and rail handling.

Trieste Marine Terminal works 362 days per year, 24h per day.

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