Confidence for the future despite the present instability

Notwithstanding a remarkable increase in the traffic by rail, with +8.5% in respect of April 2020 and +7% on the period January to April, the overall moves at Trieste Marine Terminal in April shows a -18,7% compared to April 2020, with 45.846 TEUs handled.

This can be ascribed both to a seasonal slowdown during the Ramadan period with less volumes moved in the MED area, but especially as a direct consequence of the block of the Suez Canal, which has led to the unexpected re-routing of ships and containers. The four-month period however ends with 1,3% less compared to the same period of 2020. 
“We are living uncertain times and it’s really difficult to predict what the volume trend will be in the next weeks” says Marco Zollia, Director of Sales and Marketing at TMT. “We are anyway confident on the medium term: our Terminal is not congested, there are no restrictions on the rail side nor in the acceptance of export cargo so we expect customers to exploit these potential benefits routing additional cargo via Trieste”.