A complex scenario conditions the volumes

October 2021 turned out to be an atypical month, not just locally but also at a wider national – if not global – level, reporting quite unexpected results. 

While we were experiencing a positive trend made of increasing volumes, a combination of not foreseeable factors impacted on the operations at a general level. We particularly refer to events such as social demonstrations that, coupled with vessels reschedulings, come down on the month’s figures.
Compared to a month as October 2020, when traffic had boosted up again after the shrinkage following to the pandemic restrictions, reaching the highest peak of the year, the aforementioned causes make TMT close October 2021 with 53.270 teus moved at yard (-19.75%). Over the 10-month period, TEUs handled at TMT are 546.131 (January to October), -5.5% in respect of the same time-span in 2020: this share mitigates a flexion that seems, therefore, only temporary for October, according to past and present performances.
The rail compartment shows a similar tendency: if October reports a -25.3% compared to the greatest October 2020 (the best performance of last year), it keeps a positive 3.3% over the 10-month period if compared to January-October 2020.