TMT upgrades its terminal operating system to Navis

TRIESTE – Trieste Marine terminal has upgraded its terminal operating system to Navis, one of the most modern and efficient software on the market.
TMT selected Navis to optimize the terminal's operational cycle with the ultimate goal to increase TMT efficiencies and further improve productivity. During the last months, TMT has performed a wide range of technical improvements, training activities as well as process adjustments in order to ensure an efficient migration from the old operating system to Navis, without impacts for terminal operations and customers.
«Here at TMT, we are actively tackling all organizational and operational methods so that we can improve and modernize our cargo handling processes» TMT management said. After a short trial period, Navis has been now operative for a couple of weeks and TMT will also implement Navis advanced applications Expert Decking, Prime Route and Autostow to support their primary objective of improving productivity and level of service to its customers.