Renewable energy for T.O. Delta

TO Delta, the Group holding 50% of the shares of Trieste Marine Terminal and managing it, has been certified by TÜV SÜD for using 100% renewable energy in all its offices, right in coincidence with World Earth Day on 22 April.

Thanks to Repower Italia, T.O. Delta not only utilises exclusively energy from renewable sources, but is also aware of its origin, always knowing which specific renewable plant has provided its energy and thus the source that was used to produce it, be it wind, water or sun. 
“The use of green energy is only our starting point” says Mr. Stefano Selvatici, Managing Director of TO Delta and TMT. “We strongly believe in our eco-friendly vision, daily aimed at ensuring quality, safety and sustainability. We thank Repower Italia and Mr. Fabio Bocchiola for helping us pursue our values”.