Rail connections via Trieste: the key for a further growth

TRIESTE - Rail traffic operated at Trieste Marine Terminal shows a constant increase in the connections, in particular with Central-Eastern Europe. During the first semester of 2018, the total volumes moved by rail grew by +63.9% compared to the first semester of 2017, and represent over 50% of the import/export traffic handled by TMT.

The 10 to 14 connections per week with Hungary confirm the success of this routing via Trieste. The same, to a lesser extent, can be reported for Slovakia and the Czech Republic (with overall 6-7 trains per week) where an encouraging trend can be forecasted for the medium term. Important developments can also be recorded in the Austrian market, thanks to the recent launch of the direct block train connections to Graz, the 2 block trains per week to/from Salzburg and the increase in frequency of the Julia system (up to 7 trains per week) linking Trieste to Villach, Wien, Linz, Salzburg and Wolfurt. The “traditional” German market keeps growing as well with 5-6 trains per week to/from Munich and the 2 connections to/from Burghausen.