Higher frequency and improved schedule for Trieste-Munich trains

TRIESTE - A fourth regular weekly block train departure from Trieste to Munich and vice versa will be activated at TMT from February 13th on. The service will maintain the usual A-B transit time in overnight and will operate with following schedule:

Departure from Trieste Marine Terminal: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 20.16 and arrival at Munich Riem the morning after at 05.46.
Departure from Munich Riem: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 21.23 and arrival at Trieste Marine Terminal the morning after at 07.58.

Thanks to the terminal strategy aiming to constantly improve the opportunities for container cargo trades from and towards Central Europe, TMT is in the position to satisfy the market demand for a further regular weekly departure thus increasing the frequencies and optimizing the connections, in import as well as in export, with the main shipping services calling Trieste.