New direct train from Burghausen

A new direct weekly rail connection has been established between the KTB Terminal of Burghausen and the Container Terminal of Trieste.

The connection has been established to serve Wacker Chemie AG in Burghausen (Bavaria), one of the major German chemical companies. Wacker will route via Trieste Marine Terminal part of their cargo bound to several Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East destinations.

The train runs on weekly basis and it is operated in partnership by T.O.Delta and Rail Cargo Group, that already operate, in Germany, the 4 trains per week linking Trieste and Munich and the weekly service Trieste-Ulm.

“With this new train, Trieste Marine Terminal adds a very important German producer to the ones already using Trieste as additional gateway for the German traffic to/from oversea origins and destinations”  stated Marco Zollia, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Trieste Marine Terminal.

“ This new train connection is the result of a very close collaboration we had with Trieste Marine Terminal, the train operators and the Shipping Lines and allow us to transport our goods in a quick and environmentally friendly way” reported Mr. Thomas Bronnert, Director of Logistics at Wacker Chemie Ag.