The first MC65 Montecarlo’s yacht loaded at TMT last week

 The brand new 45 tons 20 meters length MCY65 yacht, son of the prestigious yacht producer “Montecarlo” sailed for the first time ever from Trieste Marine Terminal with destination Shanghai, on board of Evergreen Line MV Ever Uranus on Tuesday 4th.

The operations has been carried with a direct lift from sea with one of the TMT’s quay cranes.

 “We are very satisfied about this first loading and very proud of the choice done by Montecarlo and Monetcarlo’s freight forwarder, Mssrs.Fioravanti”

This is what , Mrs Paola Cappelletto – sales of Evergreen Shipping – reported. “The collaboration with the terminal and among the parties before and during the operations has been very positive, proactive and professional and we are confident this will allow all of us to receive new orders from Montecarlo. The choice to load this yacht via Trieste has been good and we want to make it our “preferred routing” for these kind of cargo especially bound to Far East”.

 The break bulk cargo volumes loaded or discharge via TMT keept growing in the last two years and the terminal’s goal is to be more and more a recognized specialized operator also for these kind of traffic, for the benefit of all the Shipping Lines calling TMT.