Trieste Port for Bavaria: added values from rail links and terminal infrastructures

More than 150 operators and experts attended the presentation of the Port of Trieste held in Munich on September 14th. Parallel to the conference a technical meeting between authorities and operators has been arranged to discuss about a customs corridor between the Port of Trieste and Bavaria.

The presentation in Munich is part of a project path started several years ago and driven by an ongoing dialogue between shipping lines, importers, exporters, freight forwarders and port operators. On top of the latest developments, opportunities and future perspectives of the Port, an example of successful cooperation between Trieste Marine Terminal and one of the leading Bavarian chemical companies has been presented to the audience. In October 2015, a direct train connection between Trieste and Burghausen has been developed to serve Wacker Chemie AG, which is regularly shipping part of its volumes bound to Middle and Far East as well as the Mediterranean with Cosco and Msc via Trieste. "Our participation in this event has been a valuable opportunity to illustrate the advantages of a routing via Trieste through an analysis of key factors determining the decisions made by importers, exporters and logistic operators" – commented Fabrizio Zerbini, the President of Trieste Marine Terminal. "Infrastructure, organization, reliability of services and competitive rates of the container terminal as well as a wide range of maritime services are some of the iillustrated aspects. The concept of an intermodal system in partnership with a leading rail operator group (Rail Cargo Austria) and some local operators (TO Delta and Alpe Adria) and a flexible commercial approach as a guiding principle are contributing to create added value for all users of the service via Trieste".
In the afternoon, President Zerbini has attended also a technical meeting with authorities and operators, where the institution of a customs corridor between the Port of Trieste and Munich has been one of the main topics. On same day in Munich, a meeting has been arranged between the President of the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Debora Serracchiani, the Commissioner of Trieste Port Authority, Zeno d'Agostino and the Ministers of the Bavarian state, Beate Merk and Marcel Hubner, respectively Minister for European Affairs and International Relations and Minister for Federal Affairs. Pietro Benassi, the Italian Ambassador in Berlin and Renato Cianfarani, the Italian Consul in Munich, also joined the meeting. "Today we laid the foundations for trying to further increase the volume of traffic passing through the Port of Trieste and simplify the procedures for cargo between Munich and Trieste by establishing a direct customs corridor" commented President Serracchiani, pointing out that Bavaria considers Trieste as its third port of reference after Hamburg and Bremen.