Trieste Marine Terminal at NavigátorVilág conference in Budapest

TRIESTE - The reliability of the intermodal connections and how to better serve the Hungarian market have been the main topics of the presentation carried out by the Sales and Marketing Manager of TMT, Marco Zollia, in the event organized and promoted by the NavigátorVilág on November 8th-9th in Budapest.
A brief overview of what Trieste did and is still doing to improve the reliability of the intermodal connection to/from Hungary, including the change of the terminal in Budapest and the new trains routing via Austria have been reported to the audience. 
The rail service, re-opened in 2015 with two round trip trains/week, today consists of 7 round trip trains/week and will close the year with approximately 30.000 Teus, thus reconfirming the positive market response to the via Trieste routing. 
(Photo credits Iró Zoltán)