Trieste-Graz, working towards new rail connections

Additional railway connections with the Port of Trieste made available for the Styrian market is the latest perspective recently discussed in Graz, during the meeting between the operators of the Port and those of the Austrian area.

The participation of Graz operators has confirmed the interest of the Styrian area in the development of an additional harbour gateway to the benefit of Austrian trade. During the event, the discussion focused on the tangible opportunity to increase the direct railway connections between Trieste and Cargo Center Graz, which today guarantees 1-2 weekly departures.

According to the local operators, the efficiency of the intermodal services of the Port of Trieste can represent a warranty for the growth also of the traffics to and from Styria.
Operators from both Trieste and Austria will thus work together for the expansion of the existing rail services and traffic via the Port of Trieste.