New Terminal Operation System : NAVIS - communication N° 1

Dear Customers, 
we are glad to inform you that on May 1st our Terminal will switch the Terminal Operation System (TOS)  from the present one to NAVIS. 
Navis is one of the most modern and powerful product currently available on the market and will allow us to improve Terminal Efficiency, Productivity and Flexibility.
The project to upgrade the ‘engine’ of our container terminal started over a year ago, and has requested huge investment in terms of human resources, commitment, training  and finance too.
Trieste Marine Terminal has  a dedicated internal Team who is constantly supported by technicians and experts, that during these months have worked hard to upgrade the hardware, analyze the  procedures, work flows and processes.
Together with our partners a  test environment has been created, in order to arrange a proper training “process” for all our workers.
We will be ready for the so called “go live” date scheduled, as already mentioned, on May 1st.
Considering the importance of this project, we are glad to inform you that next week we will arrange at our Terminal an brief presentation of the project with an overview to the new TOS, on:
THURSDAY 16TH FEBRUARY at 14.30 (meeting room, 3rd floor)
We will also take this opportunity to show you the Navis “module” which we will make available via web for all Shipping Companies and their Agents, allowing you to access to various functionalities enhancing operations .
After the presentation we will agree with every single Agent a date to carry out a small training session, that will take only a few hours and will be arranged directly in the  Agent’s office, during and not later than week 8.
We warmly invite all local Shipping Agencies to attend the presentation.
Your kind  confirmation will be highly appreciated and has to be sent to Mr. Roberto Rocchetti (