Maritime security, the Port of Trieste promoted with full marks by the EU Commission

TRIESTE - The concept of security is integrated in the action of all port operators and the observations are only aimed at refining a system of rules and regulations that is already an excellence. This is the opinion expressed by the EU Commission that, from 19 to 23 November, carried out an inspection at the port of Trieste to control the correct implementation - by Italy - of the rules on maritime security, both for the ships and port facilities and for the entire port area.

The results of the inspection have been defined so good that they will be exported as best practice to the other Member States. In Trieste, the Commission team, made up of seven inspectors of different nationalities, identified the entire port area and three facilities (port facilities) for the port security activity, while, for the "ship security" part, four ships of different nationalities were inspected: one from outside the EU, two from EU and one from Italy. The results of the inspection were extremely positive and the leader epresentative of the European Commission expressed words of praise both for the Port Network Authority, the Coast Guard, the Prefecture, the Border Police, and for all the other administrations involved in the implementation of the sector legislation.
The maritime security activity was implemented in 2006 by will of the member States of the European Union, as a harmonized system of prevention and protection of ships and port facilities against threats of intentional unlawful acts; it is based also on the determinations already taken at international level by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) following the attack to the Twin Towers.