Transit Procedures

For import traffic, the receiver has three different options to get the cargo in EU Countries:

  • Customs clear the goods at Trieste. In this case an Italian VAT number must be available either through a direct fiscal representation or with a so called direct VAT identification (for further information please contact us directly);
  • Use a T1 to immediately receive the goods at destination and customs clear the goods after receiving them;
  • Use the CIM document, which allows the cargo to be transferred from Trieste to the rail terminal of its final destination without additional transit documents or requirements. This is the quickest and most economical way for importers who want to customs clear the goods (or issue a T1) at the final destination rail terminal.

All the above options allow the importer to maintain the potential benefits of the special Free Port Zone rules and regulations (if applicable).

For Export Traffic, following the EU customs rules, the EU exporter should customs clear the goods at the place of origin. To load them via Trieste, a copy of the export document (normally MRN bar code) is needed only via mail to close it at the Trieste Customs office. In many cases (for example for German and Hungarian cargo), the exporter can check the export document status on-line.

Check the status of your MRN: