The first direct trains of the new rail services joinly operated by Rail Cargo Austria and TMT (T.O.Delta Group) for Munich and Ulm successfully departed from Trieste on January th10 and 11th.
The TMT-RCA's connection with South Germany deploys 5 trains per week to Munich and 1-2 trains per week to Ulm guaranteeing the shortest possible transit time from the Port to inland terminals (11 hours to Munich and 13 hours to Ulm).
Efficiency and effectiveness of the services is further guaranteed by the private  traction company Linea S.p.A (RCA Group) operating all the trains to Munich, Ulm and Hungary (and also the Alpe Adria's connections to Austria). 

On January 15th  the connection with Budapest Bilk will depart as well (1-2 direct trains per week).

For further information and/or rates please contact:
TMT Mr Marco Zollia at (for Shipping Lines)
T.O.Delta Mr Roberto Menis at (for freight forwarders)
RCA Mrs Patrizia Staringer at (for freight forwarders)