CFS: Adriadistripark

Controlled by Trieste Marine Terminal and located on the terminal’s premises, Adriadistripark is the company in charge for the CFS activity at our terminal.

With 2,500 sqm of covered warehouses and dedicated personnel, Adriadistripark is in the position to provide a wide range of cargo handling services, both to containerized goods and break bulk. Stuffing/ unstuffing, lashing and unlashing (also for break bulk), consolidation, securing, quality control of goods, warehousing, are professionally carried out with long lasting experience.

Furthermore, transit/ customs operations and assistance are offered to the customers in order to provide a full package of services.

Handling of perishable goods

Perishable goods in containers are discharged from the vessels and immediately transferred to the unstuffing/stuffing area for handling. Trucks are loaded and secured in real time being ready for departure “just in time” after the goods have been discharged from the vessel.

The collaboration with other specialized terminal operators in Trieste can guarantee cold warehouses that can be at the goods disposal for storing at controlled temperature.

Address Molo VII, Punto Franco Nuovo, Trieste
Contact Mr. Andrea Del Gallo
+39-040-3896 152 / +39-040-322 0014
Warehouses 2,500 sqm covered + 2,500 sqm open area
Cold warehouses Can be at goods disposal with specific request
Operations Stuffing- unstuffing, picking, consolidation, securing, quality control of goods, warehousing, transit and customs operations, handling of perishable goods.
Personnel Adriadistripark’s direct employees take personally care about all the core activities. Only the low skilled operations are left to the outsourced personnel and are in any case under Adriadistripark’s employees coordination.