Gate 2 reopens for the enhancement of the rail infrastructure in the port of Trieste

The Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea continues in the enhancement of the infrastructures serving the port of Trieste.

Gate 2 in the Free Zone (Punto Franco Nuovo) has been recently re-opened to allow maneuvering convoys originating or going to piers V and VI in a contemporary and independent way from those entering or coming from pier VII (TMT container terminal), now using gate 4 after its reopening in 2016.
The official opening of gate 2 is part of a wider project in the range of 1 million euros carried out by the Authority for the maintenance of the infrastructure.
“The iron therapy in the Port continues”, maintains to Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Authority, who explains: “We periodically implement important sections and this is certainly one of the most relevant interventions, because it allows us to handle simultaneously several trains on the different terminals and to manage operations independently from one-another, which was not possible until today within the port area. Now capacity is increasing, investments are being felt and we are ready for a new growth in this post-pandemic, as the figures of the first four-month period already show”.